25 years
25 stories

A journey of changes and innovation.
In the world and within us.

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Idelt 25 years,
25 stories.


Spain's first stereolithography machine.

The revolutionary 3D Systems' SLA250: discover the first and crucial step to make the dreams of those who trust in us shine.

Primera Máquina estereolitográfica

september 1998

The DVD is born

The cinema in the comfort of your home.

Nace el DVD


IDELT is founded in Eibar.

From promise to reality: the story has just begun.

IDELT is founded in Eibar


Alfa Mim Tech. First IDELT client

Creating value in manufacturing technologies.

Alfa Mim Tech

January 1999

The euro. A single currency for a united continent



Relocation of Idelt's headquarters to Elgoibar.

Towards the capital of the machine tool.



25 Years Gone By Like This

A journey among parties, weddings, Moors and Christians festivities, and a bit of work ;)

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Idelt Team

september 2001


The day the world changed forever.

11 septiembre


An alliance for innovation and design.

Idelt joins Walter Pack Group and moves to Igorre.

Walter Pack Igorre

february 2004

Mark Zuckerberg founds Facebook.

A social revolution to connect the world.


july 2006

The first electric car in the market

Tesla presents the Roadster.

Tesla Roadster

Our soundtrack

What does Idelt sound?

Listen to the collaborative playlist of songs that shape our daily life.

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june 2007

Apple launches the iPhone.


september 2008

World financial crisis

Lehman Brothers collapse. The fall of a Wall Street icon.

Lehman Brothers


Idelt's faces

The testimonials from our team.

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Idelt's faces

september 2008

The King
of pop
is dead

Michael Jackson dies

Michael Jackson


Joining Ner Group

We believe in teamwork, self-management, and the development of personal potential to achieve a goal: operating under parameters of fair and sustainable human development.

Ner Group

october 2012

The conquest of space in free fall

Austrian Felix Baumgartner is the first man to jump from space and break the sound barrier.

Michael Jackson

october 2013

A shout for life

The Black Lives Matter movement was born in the US

Black Lives Matter


Around the world in 40 protoypes

Discover how we were able to produce over 500 parts of 40 different references, meeting international medical safety requirements, without our own infrastructure, and in record time.

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Advancing towards total integration

IRRLOP, a company with the experience of three generations, joins IDelt to integrate the manufacture of molds and tools and to offer the necessary guarantees for the success of the project.

Las voces de Idelt

june 2016

A historical turn
on the European

The endorsement of the United Kingdom's departure from the European Union. The first step towards Brexit.



From Euskadi to the world

Our first international client (Bio-Rad) marks the beginning of a new journey for Idelt, where functionality and design captivate the world.


november 2018

The masterpiece of modern flamenco

Rosalía releases "El mal querer"

Rosalía El Mal Querer

january 2018

Bio-Rad Best Supplier Award

Overcoming challenges, facing difficulties and looking for solutions in time assumed that Bio-Rad will award us with "Best Supplier 2018" award. A milestone that would mark a collaboration full of successes.

Bio-Rad Award

july 2019

Dalecandela is founded

Our colleague Jaime Lafita is diagnosed with ELA in 2016. The principle of a tireless fight to make visible the disease, raise funds for research and support those who suffer from it: Dalecandela is born.

Meet the project
Jaime Lafita DalecandELA

march 2020

A fight against an invisible enemy

The COVID-19 pandemic forces lockdown and halts the country.



From industry to art through the senses.

The Guggenheim Bilbao Museum challenged us to create a 1:16 scale replica of one of its most iconic works: "Tulips" by New York artist Jeff Koons. Spoiler: We succeeded.

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A breath of fresh air during the pandemic

While the number of infections and deaths was growing exponentially worldwide, IDELT started altruistically manufacturing high-quality protective shields to distribute among healthcare personnel and the most vulnerable population sector.

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february 2022

No to war

Russia invades Ukraine


september 2022

A torn nation

Queen Elizabeth II of England dies.

Queen Elisabeth


Quasar 2

Towards the mobility of the future and advanced energy management systems.

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Wallbox Quasar 2

september 2022

Transforming the present, redefining the future

Open and collaborative AI emerges, changing the way of creation across all fields.


The future

Extraordinary people
both professional and personal. Without them Idelt would not have come here

Interview with Marcos Alonso - Idelt CEO

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Marcos Alonso